The window itself becomes the membrane of the speakers and emits the sound composition onto the sidewalk. 



Iron Oxide Black on glas and wall
225 x 300 x 60 cm 

resonator, sound
50’35’’ loop 
sound design Wendelin Schmidt-Ott

manifesto „Magnets in the City“ by Geta Brătescu
100 copies distributed on the 4th of May in front of the SOX

SOX, Berlin, GER

In one moment they meet. The next moment separates them.
„Black Noise“ are two emblematic forms which accompanies the passersby and directs their view to the vitrine. With the two forms Anja Braun translates the power of magnets into a physical experience. She puts her painting in touch with a manifesto that has not had its own movement to these days. „Magnets in the City“ has been written by the Romanian artist Geta Bratescu 1974 in Bucharest. The painting, the manifesto and the spectators fuse together in one point and dissolve again with a functional passing and a guarantee of movement.
(Manuel Kirsch)